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At the Law Office of Jessica M. Warren, PC our goal is to give you peace of mind by helping to ensure that you and your loved ones will be provided for in the event of your death or disability. This can be an uncomfortable topic to consider, but it is critically important. A well-crafted estate plan can minimize the tax impact on the disposition of your assets, ensure a smooth transition of assets to your heirs, and most importantly, allow you to plan now for the care and well-being of your children, relatives, and friends after you are gone.

Jessica M. Warren is a licensed attorney with over eighteen years’ experience whose practice focuses on estate planning and probate matters. This includes drafting wills and medical powers of attorney, establishing trusts to preserve assets, managing probate estates. With her practical experience and legal expertise, Jessica can guide you through the complex estate planning process and help you craft a plan that meets your particular needs. During your consultation, Jessica will work with you to determine exactly what goals you hope to accomplish. She will then work to see that those goals are met in the most effective way possible, by structuring a plan that covers all critical personal, financial, and tax issues. Jessica will work with you through every step of the process, answer any questions you have, and explain every document and provision of your plan so you can feel assured that it reflects your wishes.

If you have recently experienced the loss of a loved one, Jessica will guide you through the probate process from start to finish.  If you have been appointed Executor or Trustee by the Will of a loved one, Jessica will advise you to ensure that you properly fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities and assist in you managing and transferring the assets of the estate to the intended beneficiaries.

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